Welcome to the Southwest Career and Technical Academy website. We are very proud of the eleven programs we are offering to the high school students in our community. The school is divided into two smaller learning communities – the Design Academy and the Professional Service Academy. Within the smaller learning communities, students share English, math, science, social studies, electives, and program classes with fellow students who share a common career interest. In the classroom, project-based learning activities will simulate real-world experiences, preparing the students for entry into the world of work, post-secondary training, or college and university life.

Welcome Back

by: Donna Levy

Welcome back to another exciting year Coyotes! What a great year it is going to be!

The class of 2016, it is hard to imagine that only four short years ago we were freshmen together. Look how far we have come. Congratulations to Jonathan Walton, who just received the National Merit Semifinalist award from College Board. What an amazing achievement!

Over the summer we have had some change. Besides adding more tables and umbrellas for lunchtime comfort, Ms. Grace Chang, AP Calculus teacher, moved back to her native Tahiti where she will be married. Ms. Shields left us when her husband was transferred to Minnesota, and Ms. Burns left to pursue a career outside of the world of education. We have a fabulous new chef, Mr. Roesslein, who was previously employed at Hearthstone inside of the Redrock Station. Ms. Viggato, is teaching Hospitality and comes to us from Buffalo, NY, and Mr. Hersha, AP Calculus teacher, returned to CCSD after a short stint in Ohio.  Before the end of the last school year, we were extremely fortunate to welcome Mr. Suba, Geometry, and Ms. Tagliaferri, Marketing to the Coyote family.

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School Zone Law Change

Parents and students,

Please be aware that effective October 1st, Senate Bill 144, Section 22, Subsection 3 goes into effect. This bill states the following:

“The driver of a vehicle shall not make a U-turn in an area designated as a school zone or school crossing zone except:
(a) When there are no children present;
(b) On a day on which school is not in session;
(c) During the period from a half hour after school is no longer in operation to a half hour before school is next in operation;
(d) If the zone is designated by an operational speed limit beacon, during the hours when the pupils of the school are in class and the yellow lights of the speed limit beacon are not flashing in the manner which indicates that the speed limit is in effect; or
(e) If the zone is not designated by an operational speed limit beacon, during the times when the sign designating the school zone or school crossing zone indicates that the speed limit is not in effect.”

2016 Yearbook and Senior Ad Ordering

Only 130 yearbooks remain on-sale. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Yearbooks and senior ads are now available for online purchase. Both are linked in the tab marked “Yearbook” in the menu bar at the top of this site. There is no service fee from ordering directly through Jostens.

A $35 discount for yearbooks and a $25 discount for senior ads is available until 9/30.

If you have any questions, please email thehowlyearbook@gmail.com or call at 702-799-5766 ext. 4076.

Regular Bell Schedule

Time A Day B Day
7:00—8:24 1st Period 2nd Period
8:29—9:57 3rd Period 4th Period
9:57—10:27 A Lunch A Lunch
10:02—11:26 5th Period (B Lunch) 6th Period (B Lunch)
10:32—11:56 5th Period (A Lunch) 6th Period (B Lunch)
11:26—11:56 B Lunch B Lunch
12:01—1:25 7th Period 8th Period

Lunch is determined by the building of your 5th Period class on A Days and 6th Period on B Days. Classes in the C, D, and E building with the exception of Ms. Penrod’s classroom have 1st lunch. Classes in the B, F, and H buildings plus PE and Ms. Penrod’s classroom have 2nd lunch.