Welcome to the Southwest Career and Technical Academy website. We are very proud of the eleven programs we are offering to the high school students in our community. The school is divided into two smaller learning communities – the Design Academy and the Professional Service Academy. Within the smaller learning communities, students share English, math, science, social studies, electives, and program classes with fellow students who share a common career interest. In the classroom, project-based learning activities will simulate real-world experiences, preparing the students for entry into the world of work, post-secondary training, or college and university life.

Senior Dedications/Class of 2015 Pictures/Yearbook Ordering

Senior Dedication advertisements are now on sale. Prices will increase throughout the year, so please plan ahead to ensure that you meet the required deadlines.

Visit http://www.jostens.com/yearbooks/yearbook-ads.html and start designing now!


ALL upcoming seniors must make an appointment with Bernhard & Williams to complete their senior portrait session, before September 1st. Failure to complete this session will result in being absent from the yearbook. If you received an appointment time and need to reschedule, please be sure to call as soon as possible.


(702) 251-3040

If you have any questions, please email Mr. LaPorte.


The 2015 edition of The Howl yearbook is now available for order. The price schedule is as follows for this year:

$90 (August 1 – September 15)
$100 (September 16 – October 31)
$110 (November 1 – December 19)
$125 (December 19 – January 30)
$130 (February 1 – June 5)

Students can pay for their yearbook using credit card online, or pay using check/cash at the school banking office. Payment plans will also be available this year, both online and at school, which will lock in the current lowest price.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Matthew LaPorte.


To The Family at Southwest Career and Technical Academy

I am so very pleased to announce that I have been appointed to the position of Principal of Southwest Career and Technical Academy. As you have learned, Ms. Gonzales has been promoted to role of Assistant Chief Student Achievement Officer. She will continue to serve our school as well as all six of the other Career and Tech Academies, Eldorado High School, two middle schools, and seven elementary schools. I have had the distinct pleasure to work with Ms. Gonzales for the last six years; most recently as the Assistant Principal of SWCTA.

I come to you with a strong background in Career and Technical Education as well as educational technology. I hold an Apple Distinguished Educator award, a Google Certified Teacher certificate, and was recently an Adobe Educational Leader. I served on the team that originally planned the Career and Technical Academies instituted throughout CCSD and I have a passion for project-based learning.

I am excited, honored, and humbled, to have been appointed to the role of Principal. I promise each of you that I share the vision of excellence that you have grown to expect under Ms. Gonzales, and I will work to maintain the same level of achievement in academics and superior customer service that you deserve.

I hope that you are able to join me at the Welcome Back Barbecue this coming Saturday, August 16, 2014, 10:00 a.m. for new students, noon for returning students.


Donna Levy

Principal’s Message

June 2014

Dear Students and Parents,

It is with great sadness that I announce my departure from SWCTA.  I have accepted a new position with the Clark County School District.  My new position will allow me to continue working with SWCTA and the other CTA’s across the valley.

It has been an honor and a privilege to open the Southwest Career and Technical Academy.  The students, parents, faculty, staff, and community have embraced 21st century learning and together we have built an amazing school.

In April, we were notified that we have been designated a Reward School by the state superintendent.  In February, were were notified that we received the Magnet School of Excellence Award for the second year in a row.  And in December, we were notified that we were renewed as an Apple Distinguished School for the third year in a row.  I have been truly honored to be the principal of this “Excellent and Distinguished” school!

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. I look forward to watching SWCTA continue to grow and prosper.

All the best,

Felicia Gonzales

Year End Information

Locker clean out is 5/27/14- students are not allowed to bring backpacks or bags of any type after this date

Senior Awards Night is Tuesday, 5/27/14

Senior Sunset is Friday, 5/30/14

Last Day for Late Bus is 5/29/14

Exams begin for SENIORS ONLY on Thursday, 5/29/14

Exams begin for FRESHMEN, SOPHOMORES, and JUNIORS, on Friday, 5/30/14

Monday 6/2, Tuesday 6/3, and Wednesday 6/4 are half days

Exam schedule below…

May 30

June 2

June 3

June 4


Period 2/EXAM


Per. 1

Per. 6

Per. 5


Period 4/EXAM








Per. 3

Per. 8

Per. 7


Period 6 11:20—12:20 BUSES LEAVE AT 10:47 AM
Period 8 12:25—1:25 Make Up Exam: 12:00—1:45 PM

Final Exam Schedule

Below is the schedule for final exams.

Thursday, May 29th: Regular school day. Seniors only will take exams during 5th and 7th periods.

Friday, May 30th: Full school day on modified bell schedule. All students will take exams during 2nd and 4th periods.

Monday, June 2nd: 1/2 day. All students will take exams during 1st and 3rd periods.

Tuesday, June 3rd: 1/2 day. All students will take exams during 6th and 8th periods.

Wednesday, June 4th: 1/2 day. Grades 9 -11 will take exams during 5th and 7th periods. All seniors will attend the mandatory graduation practice.