Welcome to the Southwest Career and Technical Academy website. We are very proud of the eleven programs we are offering to the high school students in our community. The school is divided into two smaller learning communities – the Design Academy and the Professional Service Academy. Within the smaller learning communities, students share English, math, science, social studies, electives, and program classes with fellow students who share a common career interest. In the classroom, project-based learning activities will simulate real-world experiences, preparing the students for entry into the world of work, post-secondary training, or college and university life.

ACT Testing – March 1, 2016

On March 1, 2016, all juniors and any seniors who did not take the ACT last year will be taking the ACT test. This test is a mandatory requirement for graduation and is an excellent opportunity to take a college placement exam for free.

Seniors who have already taken the ACT exam, freshmen, and sophomores will not attend school on this day.

2016 Yearbook Payment Plans Due Date

The final payment for the yearbook payment plan program is May 1st. If you received a Parentlink message stating the balance was overdue, please note that was an error and we apologize for any confusion.

Please ensure that your child is making their $10 payment each month. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. LaPorte at 702-799-5766 ext. 4076.