The Great Gatsby PBL

You have been asked by Sparknotes to create an in-depth study guide of one of the greatest American novels, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The guidelines for this project have been kept purposefully vague because the executives at Sparknotes (aka your teachers) want to see what 21st century teenagers can come up with. The final product will be your decision, but it must be complete. In other words, it must cover the entire novel as well as the historical time period, and contain an in-depth literary and historical analysis of the novel. What you must not do is attempt to pattern your study guide off of an already existing one.

Fitzgerald scholar, Maureen Corrigan says that The Great Gatsby is not about who we are as Americans, but rather is about who we wish to be. Do you agree? Your study guide is your opportunity to delve deeply into the language and history of this novel that explores the American Dream. Your study guide will be your fresh, 21st century look at what some have called the greatest American novel of all time.

Please see this document for specifics and due dates:  Great Gatsby PBL Intro

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