Music Monday

You will be analyzing a song both for lyrics and music. Do a close reading of the lyrics and use your understanding of poetic devices (imagery, sensory details, figurative language, and sound devices) to analyze them. Then determine how the music itself fits into your analysis. Does the music create and/or contribute to the tone and mood? Is it consistent with the overall message of the lyrics? You will need to take into account the historical context of the song along with any background information you have on the writer and/or performer. Note any cultural connections or allusions.  Remember not to simply summarize the song.  An analysis is breaking something down into its parts in order to understand how those parts work individually and together to do or say something.  What does the song you chose do or say?
1st MM—60’s and 70’s
2nd MM—80’s and 90’s
3rd MM—2000 to present

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