Summer Reading/Assignments

When you return to school in the Fall, your first task will be to work through a writing assignment based on the following Reading List. Choose something you might enjoy and have a safe and memorable summer.

English 11/English 11 Honors/ AP Language and Composition
Summer Reading List

Pick a book from this reading list. Be prepared to discuss, write about, and present your novel.
1. The Secret Life of Bees—Sue Monk Kidd
2. Song of Solomon—Toni Morrison
3. Joy Luck Club– Amy Tan
4. A Prayer for Owen Meany—John Irving
5. I Know This Much is True—Wally Lamb
6. The Road—Cormac McCarthy
7. I am the Messenger–Markus Zusak
8. The Martian- Andy Weir

AP Language and Composition
In addition to the above:
1. Read Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell- take thorough notes that include ethos, pathos, logos
2. Each week read an article of your choosing from either The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal or watch a national news program (Meet the Press, Fareed Zakaria GPS, Face the Nation, Fox News Sunday, etc). Keep a log of the issue(s) presented, areas for further research, and your opinion.

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