Modes Project



The purpose of this assignment is to further your understanding of different rhetorical modes of development and to show you a model for the writing project you will be doing. You will be writing 14 précis and writing in 5 different modes for this project.  The nine modes* are:

1)     Narration  2) Description,  3) Exemplification, 4) Process, 5) Cause/Effect 6) Compare/Contrast, 7) Classification, and Division, 8) Definition, 9) Argument

Basic steps:

1. With a partner, you will be researching and presenting one mode of writing to the class.  See the handout for detailed instructions.  You will become the expert group for that mode and in charge of peer reviewing all essays for that mode.

2.  On your own, you will read two essays from seven of the nine modes.  You must read all of the required essays. You will write a précis (instructions to follow) for each of the essays you read.

3.  You will write five essays (approx 500 words each) on the same general topic from five different modes.  See the handout for detailed instructions.


1.  Mode presentation-  Oct 13

2. Precis X2-  Oct 17; Oct 21; Oct 23; Oct 27; Nov 3; Nov 10

3.  Essays-  Nov 3; Nov 10; Nov 15; Nov 28; Dec 6

4. Final project- Dec 16

*Some modes of writing may require research which would necessitate the proper documentation of sources and a work cited page.

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