About Mr. Ball

Hello students, parents, and anyone else who accidentally or purposely landed on my page. Since I still consider myself new to SWCTA, I figure I should probably introduce myself and give you a little inside info on me.

First off, I graduated college with a BA in Art, not a teaching degree. I worked for several years in Graphic Design and bounced around other careers before discovering the rewarding world of teaching. I received my Business and Industry license in the state of Nevada that allows me to use my education and work experience and allow me to teach young minds. Nothing brings me more joy than teaching young people and helping to pass on my knowledge to others. Well, except maybe lasagna. That brings me a lot of joy as well 🙂

This year I am delving into the world of Computer Science as well as teaching our traditional Business Software Applications curriculum. I have big plans and high expectations for our new Freshman class. In 2015-2016 the students will learn a multitude of hard and soft skills to help them not only succeed at SWCTA, but in their ventures beyond high school. I hope you will support your students and help them to succeed, just as we will each day here at SWCTA.

Enough about me. Ask the current students about themselves and their experiences here at SWCTA and I’m sure they will have nothing but great things to say about their days here. I know I’m ecstatic to be here.

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