Video Production Resources

Complete resources for a semester long course. Includes teaching materials and section tests.
A website for news and information about the exciting world of school-based television production
Hundreds of articles and expert guides for video production
An excellent online source for purchasing equipment.  They offer discounts for educational organizations, and can usually find parts (batteries, chargers, etc.) for equipment that is no longer made.  You can call them direct at 1-800-947-8003
The Student Television Network (STN) is a national organization of high school and middles school video production and broadcast journalism programs.  They hold a yearly conference as well as bi-annual competitions.  By Joining STN you become part of their online list serve that is an excellent resource for any teacher.
A rich source of information for professional and amateur videographers. How to articles, links to product manufacturers, discussion group for videographers, bulletin board for buying and selling used equipment.   American Journalism Review Links to journalism sites, plus articles on the history and function of journalism. Includes newspapers, radio, TV, magazines on the web.
A national news program that reaches millions of high school students across the country each day. From their web site:
Our mission at Channel One News is to encourage students to be informed, digital-savvy global citizens. We are a Peabody and Telly award-winning program broadcast to nearly 5 million young people across the country. Our daily news show and supplementary educational materials are aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and designed to help students, teachers and parents interpret the news and spark important conversations.
An online resource for royalty music and sound-effcts



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