Congress Study Guide

Congress Quiz Study Guide


December 3rd Class Activity

Put this information in your notebook for the quiz next class

Impeachment Slides


Presidency Quiz Study Guide

The Presidency Quiz is on Monday Dec. 3rd (A) / Tuesday 4th(B)

Be able to define/explain/answer the following terms & questions:


Pocket Veto

Line-Item veto

Take Care clause of Article II


22nd Amendment

Executive Agreement

President’s press secretary

Process of Impeachment

Formal / Informal powers of the president (4 each)

Explain 3 policy-making bodies of the executive branch

Why is the president so tied to his constituency for support?

Why do presidents have such a difficult time gaining even majority approval ratings?

Explain 3 contradictory expectations that Americans have about the presidency

Political Parties don’t support their presidents because…

3 reasons the president has more power in making foreign policy than in making domestic policy

List events that tend to bump up presidential approval ratings

List 2 indicators of public support for the President

How effective is a presidential veto

What 3 options does the president have after Congress passes a bill?


Bezos  Scholars  Program  @  the  Aspen  Institute   Now  Accepting  Applications  for  2013

Bezos  Scholars  Program


Bezos  Scholars  Program  @  the  Aspen  Institute   Now  Accepting  Applications  for  2013




Make sure you meet with your group and you all have everything you need.
You must provide your own technology (bring your own computer or iPad)  and anything else you need
If you did a paper, it must be printed out and brought with you.

Wednesday November 14th (B day)
Thursday November 15th (A day)

Do not come to class, go directly to the Ballroom and set up your NHD PBL

Everyone needs to be in professional dress (guys-suit and tie)


Mr. Cegavske


AP Homework Executive Branch

  1. Most important aspect of the Executive Branch and explain why?
  2. Why are the powers that the Executive Branch has over the Judicial Branch important and explain why?
  3. Why are the powers that the Executive Branch has over the Legislative Branch important and explain why?
  4. Explain the role, duties and personal history of the Secretary of State. (Explain the significance of the SOS Secession, & departments under SOS)
  5. Besides Hilary Clinton, who is the most important Cabinet member? Name, Departments they are over and Responsibilities (Hint: Secretary of…)
  6. What is the name of the home that the President Lives?
  7. What is the name of the Presidents office? (hint: there was a TV showed named after it)
  8. Where is the home of the Vice-President?
  9. Why do you rarely see the President and Vice-President together?

10. What is the most important Role of the Vice President and explain why?

11. What is the most important role of the President and explain why?

12. Name the first seven for Secession to the Presidency?


Debate Homework

Complete the appropriate form for all of the four debates, you must watch all four, complete form and be ready to discuss in class:

Presidential Debates (There are three)

Vice Presidential Debate (There is only one)

All debates will take place from 6:00-7:30 p.m. on the following dates:

Wednesday, October 3 – First Presidential Debate

Thursday, October 11 – Vice Presidential Debate

Tuesday, October 16 – Second Presidential Debate (Town Hall)

Monday, October 22 – Third Presidential Debate


SWCTA College Visits 2012-2013

Scheduled College Visits


Work the Polls, make $120

The Clark County Election Department is seeking 150 students to work at the polls for the General Election: Nov 6, 2012.(inservice day)

Students will be paid $120.00 per day, but they must work the entire shift (up to 14 hours)
Students need to be US Citizens and at least 16 years old.
There is special need for students that speak Filipino or Spanish.

They are especially in need of workers in the following areas of town:
Old Henderson area
Decatur & Losee
215 & Lone Mountain
Grand Teton & Buffalo
Centennial & Grand Canyon
Lone Mountain & Buffalo
Torrey Pines & Buffalo
Alta & 215
South of 215 past Blue Diamond
Fort Apache & I15
The area between Russell & Desert Inn & Hollywood & Lamb

There is a required training (2-4 hours, depending on the position)
Once students sign up, they will be contacted about the training dates/times.
If you have enough from your school, the election dept might be willing to conduct the training at your school.

The Process:
Students e-mail their applications to you & you forward them to the election dept e-mail that is on the attached application.  In forwarding the e-mail, you are confirming that you recommend the student as trustworthy & responsible. 🙂

Contact Recruiting Division, Election Dept:


AP Codes update (all AP students must read)

Do to the lateness of you getting the AP codes only Chapters 1,2&3 are due on the first day of school, Chapters 4&5 are extra credit. If there are extenuating circumstances about chapter notes, please e-mail me directly