K5 Training


K5 Training Workshop

Cindi Chang
Affiliate Trainer for

Southwest Career and Technical Academy
7050 W. Shelbourne Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89113


By the end of this workshop, teachers will be able to:

  • Explain the different course offerings that has for K-5 students.
  • Define all computer science concepts in's K-5 courses.
  • Manage their student's accounts and track their progress with's teacher dashboard.
  • Confidently facilitate's courses in their classroom by taking risks and learning from their students.


  • 8:15a - 8:30a: Registration and breakfast: Note - restrooms are down the hall towards the main campus, on your left before you exit the glass doors. WIFI code is 9suse$88.
  • Registration steps:
    • Step 1: Create a TEACHER account: click here (Sign up with the email you want to use in the classroom. Make sure you have a 'teacher dashboard' on your account. If not, you may have accidentally signed up for a student account and we will need to fix that before moving on to step 2)
    • Step 2: Join our session with this URL click here
  • 8:30a - 9:00a: Welcome and Introductions -  | Discuss group norms | Introduce Computational Thinking Practices of K-5 curriculum - Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Persistence, and Problem Solving. (view opening video)
  • 9:00a - 9:20a:Course 1 Exploration (teachers complete online puzzles starting with Stage 3 "Jigsaw" -- NOTE: complete at least 15 puzzles throughout the day)
  • 9:20a - 9:40a: Course 1 Introduction: unplugged vs. online | video demonstration - Stage 12 "Getting Loopy"  |Unplugged Activity: Getting Loopy (Course 1 - pgs. 60-67)
  • 9:40a - 10:00a: Teacher/Learner/Observer - Online Activities: Play Lab (Course 2) Hint: Use the "Pair Programming" method - Driver and Navigator - to complete these puzzles.
  • 10:00a - 10:15a: BREAK
  • 10:15a - 10:45a: Strategies for teaching Computer Science - group activity p. 10 (count off by 4) | gonoodle
    • Ditch the Uniformity
    • Frequent Breaks
    • Collaborate
    • You Don't have to be a Know-It-All (Yes, I am talking to YOU the Teacher)
  • 10:45a - 11:00: Computer Science vocabulary: Loop, Event, Conditional, Debugging
  • 11:00a - 11:30p: Planning for TLO activities
  • 11:30p - 12:30p: LUNCH BREAK
  • 12:30p - 1:30p: TLO - Unplugged Lesson Rotations (participants as teachers/learners - prepare a 15 min lesson to present. Each teaching group will have a turn to "teach" a lesson to the "students" in the class)
  • 1:30p - 1:45p: TLO Debrief
  • 1:45p - 2:00p: BREAK
  • 2:00p - 3:20p: Equity Discussion and THE HOUR OF CODE
  • 2:20p - 3:00p: Demo of teacher dashboard |Teacher Dashboard Updates (hint: there are many other resources available on YouTube| Resources | support | email | moving students without creating new accounts | office hours: videochat every other two weeks where you can ask a employee any questions you have. Dates/times will appear in your teacher dashboard. More resources: Setting up new class | Planning and prepping for a class lesson | Using Code Studio with students | Assessing student progress | New dashboard features
  • 3:00p - 3:30p: Open - ended Q & A; Brainstorm challenges and solutions to implementing in your school; Integration with commitment; Closing Ceremonies - 5 words or less (todaysmeet)
    • will be sending you a survey
    • You may choose either Course 1, 2 or 3 and they will send you FREE supplies
    • Certificate
    • The HOUR OF CODE is the second week of December every year. helpful planning hints | more prep ideas | hour of code ideas | Best Practices

Additional Resources: