Training: Google Apps for Education

Southwest CTA - Professional Development Workshop 8/26/11

Welcome to our session on Google Docs and Dropbox. Please read the agenda below. We will have an Advanced session later today for those of you who would like to explore further within the Google Apps for Education Suite our school has, including how to create self-graded quizzes.



This session will teach you how to effectively use Google Docs & Dropbox to enhance collaboration within your classroom and your departments. you will also be introduced to the other features available in our school's Google Apps for Education Suite that you can explore in the Advanced Training Session later today.


  • Login to your Google Apps account - (use information in the email sent to you from Craig)
  • Uses for Google Docs - in classroom with students, between team members, between your dept. members, PBLs, etc.
  • Overview of Google docs, presentations, forms, spreadsheets, websites, groups, videos
  • Importing Word documents
  • Create a document and share with individuals: video clip | chat feature in docs | shared folder setup
  • Introduction to Dropbox for submission of ALL file types | link


  • How to create a quiz in Google docs (correlates with our new "flipping model")
  • Using Flubaroo script plugin to self grade the quiz (see link below in Resources)
  • Create beginning of the year class survey and embed it into your class website: video demo
  • Screenshots for both of these processes
  • *new* Effectively managing your Google docs - click here
  • *new* Resources on Google from ISTE - click here
  • *new* animation choices in Google presentations - click here
  • *new* keep up to date with all of the changes at Google - click here
  • *new* set up offline Google Docs editing - click here