Southwest CTA Professional Development Workshop 10/24/13 and  11/04/14

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  • Schoology Introduction - click here (YouTube)
  • Flipping the Classroom using Schoology - click here (YouTube)
  • Engaging Students in the 21st Century Classroom - click here (YouTube)
  • Student Completion Rules - click here (YouTube)
  • Schoology Overview Presentation - click here (PowerPoint)

UPDATE - New Features in Schoology - Nov 2014:

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This session will give you an overview on how to use the online learning management system called Schoology.  Schoology has redefined the traditional learning management system to be a more effective tool at all levels of education by providing a collaborative blended learning experience.

With a versatile education platform that streamlines content management, Schoology enables improvement through a collective effort and engages digital natives with technology they actually enjoy. This award-winning approach complements any educational environment and ensures a richer learning experience for both instructor and student.


  • Introduction to Schoology features: Instructor tools, curriculum management, integration platform, global learning community, mobile, advanced analytics
  • View short introduction video
  • Schoology presentation
  • View Flipping the Classroom with Schoology video
  • How I use Schoology in the classroom for learning content management
  • Share best practices
  • Schoology set up for newbies