Spring PBL 2013 – “Be the Change”

Freshman Design student’s spring PBL involved a community service project that helped homeless students in our school district. The Design students (from Video Game, Web Design, Interior Design and Fashions Design) used their skills in graphics to create a personal storybook and t-shirt about what each child dreamed to be when they grew up, sewed personalized backpacks and “ugly dolls,” built fun furniture and “reading pads” for their classroom, collected hygiene, school and snack items, and were able to secure a donation of Converse sneakers from Zappos for each child. The Art Institute of Las Vegas Design students supported our high school students and donated socks and backpacks to the students.

Take a look at the day when we delivered the “surprises” to the kids! Be the Change Video


An example of one of the books made for a student Becky and Elliot

Read more about this community service project at Design Ignites Change

It was an amazing experience for all involved and this group of design students did make an impression on this little kids. They were hear saying that they “wanted to go to college” and “school was cool.”









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