Hip Hop Meets IT – Winter PBL

The last few days of 2014, the students had an amazing experience sharing and learning with a great non-profit organization for their Winter PBL. The students were given the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and try something new, Hip Hop dancing with a group called Culture Shock who’s goal is to Educate, Empower, and Entertain youth that are looking for a place to belong.  Anthony Cardona is a talent and passionate dancer who was incredible working with our students, leading his Culture Shock Crew and breaking his talents down into understandable segments for our students to be successful at. Documentary created by Jay and Troy.

This video was created for the SWCTA Outlook News program.

A few SWTCA students participating in Hip Hop Meets IT summarized their experiences:

“This was an incredibly memorable and fun PBL compared to the many that I have done at SWCTA. Culture Shock was great and I was surprised at how engaged I was into the dancing since I was so hesitant at the start. It was rewarding to work with all the students and see how our worlds basically contrast yet we can learn so much from each other. I’m glad that we were successful on the second day as well – the students really enjoyed our graphic design lesson. If we ever do something like this again I will take it to heart – this PBL left a strong impact on me.”  Brian T.

“… I realized that the Culture Shock kids and Anthony Cardona were very passionate about what they do, and that inspired me. They are just as passionate about their dancing as we are about our coding…”  Bryce C.

“During the Code-A-Ton I got to help one of the Culture Shock kids through Code Combat, and seeing him having fun and actually enjoying what he was doing put a huge smile on my face.”  Victor R.

A few Culture Shock kids participating in HIP HOP MEETS IT summarized their experiences:

“It was fun to watch the students get out of their comfort zones and try something new. I loved being the teacher for a day and I was proud of my group for pulling out the win!”   Taylor

“I had fun for the first time showing students from a technical academy how to hip hop dance . It was a great experience for me. I also had a great time with them teaching me coding and technology! I plan to do the same thing there doing! It was something really fun for me to learn.  Now I have a head start of what school I want to go to!”  Kobe

“The students I worked with were very excited and made me feel very welcomed.  I enjoyed watching them step out of the box and just have fun with it. The students worked with during our coding day were amazing! They were all really nice and took step by step to help, explain,  and answer any type of questions I had.  I made a lot of friends and I wouldn’t mind working with them again.”  Savannah

“Aaron and Andre enjoyed being the dance instructors and they both enjoyed the coding activities on Tuesday. The boys said it was nice that they were teachers and the students listened even though they were much younger than the SWCTA kids. Andre said it was like we were their boss. The boys learned new computer games and have since logged in at home to Code Combat.” Aaron and Andre’s Parent

“I had a lot of fun teaching dance and also learning some new things. It’s is always fun learning new things, and collaborating with a great bunch of people.” Blair

“Bryce really enjoyed his time there. He loved teaching the other children how to dance and he really enjoyed the coding, he showed me a logo that he made and it was pretty cool.” Bryce’ Parent

“It helped me learn different things that I didn’t know exists. It also helped me appreciate how hard it is to teach a dance and the different steps you have to go through to break it down so we understand it more.” Ricci

The website for Hip Hop Meets IT is a great resource for seeing what IT exhibits and classes that were offered to the Culture Shock members.

Route (131) News Story on Winter PBL Flashmob during lunch.

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