Sketchbook ideas develops into a work of art

The Graphic Design II and III students have been exploring an idea in their sketchbooks for the past 5 weeks. Looking at various artists, color schemes, moods and content for their work while developing the idea further. Student sketchbook examples and final work can be seen here. The students could use any digital media they wanted, some used Illustrator, some Photoshop, and others Sketchbook Pro. Take a look!

Kassie Wong



“My final product features two girls: one who is clearly visible on the top, surrounded with bright and calm colors, and a silhouette on the bottom who looks like she is drowning in dark water. The top is supposed to represent the “dreams” portion of my image. The vivid colors represent the unsuality of dreams. They’re never clear, but in turn they invoke positive feelings. The bottom girl represents the “nightmare” aspect. Death is a common nightmare; many people have dreamed of falling from tall buildings, jumping off a cliff, or in this case, drowning. I wanted to convey both aspects of the mind by combining them into a single picture.” Kassie

Alex Higashi

P2_Higashi_Board P2_Higashi_Sketchbook1

Rainstorms In The City

“For my Final Product I attempted to evoke the emotion of the scenario rather than simply a recreation of the it. I tried to create a sense of loneliness, being stranded somewhere that you are a stranger. You become someone lost and the rain begins to add to the dreary sense that hangs thick in the air. Further solidifying this feeling by draining the color creating a gray, mono-tone confusion that exhibits the emotion.

As for the exploration board I went more along the lines of a collage, tracing the more, “jumbled up” thought process that I had through out this entire project, adding random bits into it as my mind called for.” Alex


Gillian Eastman

Print Print

“Topic: Astrology. My final product is focused on a girl with a libra tattoo. Astrology and horoscopes are ruled by the stars. Astrology is known to be the science of the stars. That is why she is in space. I decided to use mostly cool colors because space is mostly black, white and blue. In a way my art piece is ruled by the stars just like astrology. For my study board, I wanted to draw theme of the final product into my board so both seemed connected. My sketchbook explorations focus on a theme of space, and what lies around it. That is why for the board and the final they both have a very spacy theme to them.”

Brandon Ly

the process sketchbook assignment


“My topic was compassion and in order to capture this in a single image wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. What is compassion? To show what I thought, I tried to envision a scenario. In my scenario there’s a dog who is receiving food from some stranger. The stranger chose to help the dog, even though he will get nothing in return. It may not seem like a lot, but it’s these little acts that add up. By making the edges farthest from the food/hand darkest I was hoping to illustrate the emotion and spread of hope that the person was able to distribute. He essentially banished the darkness.” Brandon

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