Mythology Origins PBL

May 20th UPDATE: The final animations have been completed!
Please watch and enjoy the student’s hard work at making these 4 mythology stories come to life.

Original Story Posted December 2014.

Students in Mr. Moore’s 10th grade English class started the year working on a Mythology Origins PBL (part 1). Selected English class PBL writings about the modern day Mythology Origins stories will then be turned into an animated short movie with the help of Mr. Odgen’s art students designing the characters, environments and props (part 2). When the Art classes are done working on the drawings, the concept art will go to the 10th grade Animation class to be brought to life with movement and sound (part 3).

Route(131) Newscast on Mr. Moore’s English Class writing the Mythology Origins stories.

Route(131) Newscast on Mr. Odgen’s Art Class working on concept art for the Mythology Origins stories.

A sample of an animatic created for the story “Neos.”  An animatic is a rough “live” storyboard used for timing purposes for the final animation project being created.

Route(131) Newscast on Mrs. Clark’s Animation Class working on the animation of the concept art for the Mythology Origins stories.


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