Exploring Creativity

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Students began the new school year, exploring their creative side.  Looking to see how they could spark their creativity through play! The Foil Activity led the students to think of themselves as 3-4 year olds, discovering something new. What is it? What can I do with it? Exploratory Play.

Trust to Play
Trust to be Creative
Exploration (Quantity)
Build (Thinking with your hands)
Role Play (Try on the identity/Empathy)

Tim Brown’s video on Creativity and Play was the spark for the students discovery of how creativity and play intertwine with each other. Route (131) talks to the students about their experiences.

Tina Seelig: Crash Course in Creativity discussed how YOUR Imagination, Knowledge, and Attitude and YOUR Environment, Habitat, Resources and Culture have an impact on your creativity.  Tina Seelig was the inspiration for the “Creating Value from Something with No Value” Activity.

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One groups solution to creating value, “We decided to make a purse with our unwanted items. This has value because a purse can be used every day to hold various items such as pens and money to take around when going out.”

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