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Rube Goldberg Inventions

Rube Goldberg (1883-1970) was a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist best known for his zany invention cartoons. In Animation II, the students were given the challenge of using all the items that they had modeled since the beginning of the school year and incorporate them into an animated sequence of events to end with an “event” happening. […]

Nursery Rhythms in Animation I

First year Animation students are using there new skills to complete their first animation based on a child’s nursery rhythm. The students worked in teams of 3 students to storyboard a nursery rhythm of their choice, created concept art and an animatic to understand the timing of their finished animation. Once finished with the planning […]

Vans Custom Culture

Graphic Design III (concept art), Animation II (3D modeling and printing) and Art (production) students collaborated to create 4 amazing entries in to the Vans Custom Culture Shoe Design Contest. The students designed 4 four shoes following these themes: Local Flavor, Board Sports, Art and Music. Mr. Odgen can tell you more in the news broadcast. […]

Exploring Banner Ad Designs in Spanish

Graphic Design II students are working with the Spanish classes to promote tourism and the culture of Spanish speaking countries. The students are researching the culture, entertainment, food, and more in various countries like Columbia, Peru, and Sprain.  Once they have a better understanding of the Spanish culture, the students are working on creating banner […]

Take a peek into our Graphics Class

Testing out the new RICOH 360 camera. Take a peek into our classroom, Room C102! Time to start thinking about a cool project to use with this new toy. Graphic students in the Web Program should be able to incorporate this into a website! Stay tuned.

Sketchbook Pro Painting

Graphic Design I students just finished learning about using a paint program called Sketchbook Pro. The students used a variety of paintbrushes, blending tools and layers within the program to create a painting they composed using 3 to 5 reference images. The students did a great job as you can see!

Utopia/Dystopia PBL

[Updated 5/1/2016] The final Utopia/Dystopia environment animation are completed! You can read more about the entire process below. Enjoy. How did this project all start?  The 10th Grade English Honor students provided us with Utopia/Dystopia environments that were created by them in Mr. Moore’s class. The students based this project on the book which they […]

LVGEA Celebration Logo Design Winner!

Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance visited SWCTA to see all the various career and technical programs Clark County School District has to offer this past fall. On their tour through the Web Development program, they were very impressed by the quality of work that the Graphic Design students were completing. As a result, they asked […]

Vancouver Film School Professionals visits SWCTA!

Sort of… This week a few of the sophomore and junior animation students had an exciting experience to learn modeling and animation techniques from the pros at the Vancouver Film School. The students attended a week long webinar here at SWCTA, livestreaming with other schools and students in Canada. Global learning! Francois van Eden focused […]

Marketing Logo Design Process Explained Using Adobe Voice

Students in Graphic Design III worked on creating a logo for a “real world” client. The logo was based on the 80th year celebration of Marketing Education. The students went through the design process for concept art. They narrowed down their various ideas to three logos that would be developed further and presented one final […]