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Nursery Rhythms in Animation I

First year Animation students are using there new skills to complete their first animation based on a child’s nursery rhythm. The students worked in teams of 3 students to storyboard a nursery rhythm of their choice, created concept art and an animatic to understand the timing of their finished animation. Once finished with the planning […]

Utopia/Dystopia PBL

[Updated 5/1/2016] The final Utopia/Dystopia environment animation are completed! You can read more about the entire process below. Enjoy. How did this project all start?  The 10th Grade English Honor students provided us with Utopia/Dystopia environments that were created by them in Mr. Moore’s class. The students based this project on the book which they […]

Mythology Origins PBL

May 20th UPDATE: The final animations have been completed! Please watch and enjoy the student’s hard work at making these 4 mythology stories come to life. Original Story Posted December 2014. Students in Mr. Moore’s 10th grade English class started the year working on a Mythology Origins PBL (part 1). Selected English class PBL writings […]

Presidential Honor – Class of 2016

The Junior class worked on this project last year, animating an autistic young man’s book. Gillian submitted the application for the class this past fall explaining the project they had worked on with Ben. Students were visited by the THE PRUDENTIAL SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY AWARDS representative, honoring our youth for outstanding volunteer service. The program’s […]

Little Red Flying Hood and More!

Over the 2013-14 school year, sophomore and junior graphic design and animation students have been working with an autistic student named Ben Nelson. Ben is very talented with Adobe Illustrator and is working hard on becoming a published author of children’s books. The students at SWCTA were trying to help Ben reach his goal and […]

Scholastic Art Awards

Route(131) and Jared do a great job in explaining the Scholastic Art Awards and shares a little of his animation based on Itsy Bitsy Spider. Jared’s animation created in Adobe Flash, Itsy Bitsy Spider.