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Rube Goldberg Inventions

Rube Goldberg (1883-1970) was a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist best known for his zany invention cartoons. In Animation II, the students were given the challenge of using all the items that they had modeled since the beginning of the school year and incorporate them into an animated sequence of events to end with an “event” happening. […]

Vans Custom Culture

Graphic Design III (concept art), Animation II (3D modeling and printing) and Art (production) students collaborated to create 4 amazing entries in to the Vans Custom Culture Shoe Design Contest. The students designed 4 four shoes following these themes: Local Flavor, Board Sports, Art and Music. Mr. Odgen can tell you more in the news broadcast. […]

Vancouver Film School Professionals visits SWCTA!

Sort of… This week a few of the sophomore and junior animation students had an exciting experience to learn modeling and animation techniques from the pros at the Vancouver Film School. The students attended a week long webinar here at SWCTA, livestreaming with other schools and students in Canada. Global learning! Francois van Eden focused […]

What does Physics have to do with Animation?

A lot! Junior Web Design program and Video Game program students have come together to apply their knowledge of Physics which they have been learning with Mrs. Williams, the Physics teacher. This PBL brought together the Video Game student’s animation skills and knowledge of physics to create an convincing real-world animated story.

Maya – Building a “Push Up Toy”

Animation II students started the year off refreshing some Maya skills learned from last year and applying them to build a vintage “Push Up Toy.”  These toys will be printed on the MakerBot 3D Printer and assembled when completed. What does a finished “Push Up Toy” look like?  Here is an example.

Junior Animation Capstone Projects – 2014

The 4th quarter for the Junior Animation class is a mini-capstone project for the students to demonstrate the skills learned over the year learning Maya, Stop-Motion, Storyboarding, Modeling and Rigging a character. The students worked in teams to create an “animated short” using a rigged character, interacting with another character in an environment containing a […]


Students in Animation II class will have the opportunity to print their character designs on a 3D printer donated to our classroom. Bryce’s robot character design was one of the first printed on the MakerBot 2 Replicator.

iClone for Motion Capture

SWCTA has Motion Capture! Check out the Reallusion Website for more information on this cool opportunity for you at SWCTA. Read up on this cool technology and become a pro! How to use iClone Motion Capture at SWCTA