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Exploring Banner Ad Designs in Spanish

Graphic Design II students are working with the Spanish classes to promote tourism and the culture of Spanish speaking countries. The students are researching the culture, entertainment, food, and more in various countries like Columbia, Peru, and Sprain.  Once they have a better understanding of the Spanish culture, the students are working on creating banner […]

Brian Head Arts Festival Poster Contest

Students in Graphic Design II and III ended the year creating an arts festival poster for the small town of Brian Head in Southern Utah.  Student had to learn about their client, the town of Brian Head. They then researched and explored the area around it (Cedar Breaks, Byce Canyon, Duck Creek, Yankee Meadow Reservoir, Panguitch Lake, etc.) […]

Famous Paintings and Fables being Animated in 2D

Graphic Design II students have been introduced to concepts like motion tweens, key frames, and sprites while learning Adobe Flash over the past two months. Their first “short” animations were based on a famous work of art. After learning the drawing tools in Flash and recreating a famous painting, the students brought the drawings to […]

Presidential Honor – Class of 2016

The Junior class worked on this project last year, animating an autistic young man’s book. Gillian submitted the application for the class this past fall explaining the project they had worked on with Ben. Students were visited by the THE PRUDENTIAL SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY AWARDS representative, honoring our youth for outstanding volunteer service. The program’s […]

Hip Hop Meets IT – Winter PBL

The last few days of 2014, the students had an amazing experience sharing and learning with a great non-profit organization for their Winter PBL. The students were given the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and try something new, Hip Hop dancing with a group called Culture Shock who’s goal is to Educate, […]

Infographics – Visual Design for Data

Students in Graphic Design II and III started the school year off warming up their skills in Adobe Illustrator by designing an Infographic on a topic of their choice. Learning about how Infographics visually communicate to the consumer was important for the students to have success designs. Three examples of Infographics created by the students.