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Vans Custom Culture

Graphic Design III (concept art), Animation II (3D modeling and printing) and Art (production) students collaborated to create 4 amazing entries in to the Vans Custom Culture Shoe Design Contest. The students designed 4 four shoes following these themes: Local Flavor, Board Sports, Art and Music. Mr. Odgen can tell you more in the news broadcast. […]

LVGEA Celebration Logo Design Winner!

Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance visited SWCTA to see all the various career and technical programs Clark County School District has to offer this past fall. On their tour through the Web Development program, they were very impressed by the quality of work that the Graphic Design students were completing. As a result, they asked […]

Marketing Logo Design Process Explained Using Adobe Voice

Students in Graphic Design III worked on creating a logo for a “real world” client. The logo was based on the 80th year celebration of Marketing Education. The students went through the design process for concept art. They narrowed down their various ideas to three logos that would be developed further and presented one final […]

Brian Head Arts Festival Poster Contest

Students in Graphic Design II and III ended the year creating an arts festival poster for the small town of Brian Head in Southern Utah.  Student had to learn about their client, the town of Brian Head. They then researched and explored the area around it (Cedar Breaks, Byce Canyon, Duck Creek, Yankee Meadow Reservoir, Panguitch Lake, etc.) […]

Hip Hop Meets IT – Winter PBL

The last few days of 2014, the students had an amazing experience sharing and learning with a great non-profit organization for their Winter PBL. The students were given the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and try something new, Hip Hop dancing with a group called Culture Shock who’s goal is to Educate, […]

Infographics – Visual Design for Data

Students in Graphic Design II and III started the school year off warming up their skills in Adobe Illustrator by designing an Infographic on a topic of their choice. Learning about how Infographics visually communicate to the consumer was important for the students to have success designs. Three examples of Infographics created by the students.

Media for the Web Project – Video Editing

Route (131) InFocus aired a video editing project completed by Blaze Brooks, a juniors in Media for the Web Class.  The purpose of the video was to brainstorm an idea and then storyboard, shoot and edit the film using Final Cut Pro.