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Sketchbook Pro Painting

Graphic Design I students just finished learning about using a paint program called Sketchbook Pro. The students used a variety of paintbrushes, blending tools and layers within the program to create a painting they composed using 3 to 5 reference images. The students did a great job as you can see!

LVGEA Celebration Logo Design Winner!

Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance visited SWCTA to see all the various career and technical programs Clark County School District has to offer this past fall. On their tour through the Web Development program, they were very impressed by the quality of work that the Graphic Design students were completing. As a result, they asked […]

Marketing Logo Design Process Explained Using Adobe Voice

Students in Graphic Design III worked on creating a logo for a “real world” client. The logo was based on the 80th year celebration of Marketing Education. The students went through the design process for concept art. They narrowed down their various ideas to three logos that would be developed further and presented one final […]

Brian Head Arts Festival Poster Contest

Students in Graphic Design II and III ended the year creating an arts festival poster for the small town of Brian Head in Southern Utah.  Student had to learn about their client, the town of Brian Head. They then researched and explored the area around it (Cedar Breaks, Byce Canyon, Duck Creek, Yankee Meadow Reservoir, Panguitch Lake, etc.) […]

Sketchbook ideas develops into a work of art

The Graphic Design II and III students have been exploring an idea in their sketchbooks for the past 5 weeks. Looking at various artists, color schemes, moods and content for their work while developing the idea further. Student sketchbook examples and final work can be seen here. The students could use any digital media they […]

Oversized Art Created by Art Students

Art I students learned about different color schemes, like analogous colors and complimentary colors in class. After deciding on an important influential person that has impacted their lives, the students worked together to create a likeness of them while incorporating various color schemes. Steve Jobs is the first installment of the oversized artwork. The other influential person […]

Napkin Doodles – Inspiring Notes

Napkin Doodle project was recently reported on during the morning broadcast, Route(131).  Learn about Doodling!

Exploration of Typography

Route(131) coverage of the Exploration of Typography project assigned in the Graphics Design and Animation Classes. The students came up with some very creative ways of dealing with Typography. A sample of Typography projects created by the students:   Bear Paw font style was chosen for this creative interpretation of a font.

Self Portrait – Adobe Illustrator

Student work created using Adobe Illustrator in Graphic Design I Class. Final project created by freshman students after learning Adobe Illustrator.

Scholastic Art Awards

Route(131) and Jared do a great job in explaining the Scholastic Art Awards and shares a little of his animation based on Itsy Bitsy Spider. Jared’s animation created in Adobe Flash, Itsy Bitsy Spider.