Grammar Review

Grammar Review: Nouns

Noun: person,place,thing,activity,collection,condition,event,group,or quality.

Article: a type of adjective associated with nouns. (the,a,an)
Indefinite Article (a,an) To specify a single thing or unknown item.
Examples: I need an exam book.
I bought a car.
-When a noun starts with a vowel sound like honest use (an) for ease of pronunciation. I am an honest man.

Definite Article (the) Refers to a specific or already known noun.
The dog chased a cat up the tree.
-(A, an) is often used for the first mention of an object then the definite article is used because it is known.
Example: My father gave me a watch. The watch belonged to my grandfather.

A few guidelines for articles:
-Most proper nouns do not need articles. (exceptions famous sites or geographical features)
-Most collective nouns do not need articles. (I like cheese.)

Proper Noun: the name of a specific person, place, or thing that must be capitalized.

Collective Nouns: refer to a specific group of persons or things. Collective nouns are usually singular, except when referring to the individual members of a group.

Plural Nouns
Make a hyphenated noun plural by adding (s or es) to the noun

Showing possession
Add a (‘s) to make a noun possessive. To show possession with a noun ending in s or z you just need to add an apostrophe. (Charles’)

Noun-Verb Agreement (Also known as Subject-Verb Agreement)
A singular noun must be used with a singular verb; a plural noun with a plural verb.
My sister is an auditor.
My sisters are accountants.

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