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Grammar Review: Verbs Part I

-Words that express action, states of being or condition.
-Verbs have a subject and also an object.

Intransitive Verbs: Verbs that do not require any objects to express their meaning.
-ex)The sun shines.
Transitive Verbs: Verbs that require an object to complete their meaning.
ex)Julia bought a bicycle.

Indirect Objects:An indirect object tells to whom or for whom an action was done.
ex)Julia bought her sister a bicycle.
What is the indirect object?

Linking Verbs: Verb that describes or explains the subject. (no real action)
ex) Running is my favorite activity.
Common linking verbs:
(is, seem, appear, look, feel, sound, taste, and smell)

Which example uses a linking verb?
ex)The garbage smelled awful.
The dog smelled the garbage.

Verb Tenses: Indicates the time at which the action takes place.
(past, present, future)
Which tense are the following examples:
ex)The cat sees the bird.
ex)My sister left for the movie.
ex)We will go to Germany next summer.

Present Progressive Tense: action is currently taking place.
Present Tense form of to be (is,are) + verb with -ing ending.
ex)We are negotiating with a new supplier.

Past Progressive Tense: An event that was in progress at a point in the past.
Past Tense of to be(was, were) + verb.
ex)We were looking for you last night.

Future Progressive Tense: An event that will be in progress at a point in the future.
(Will be) + verb
ex)We will be participating in the Spring PBL in two weeks.

Present Perfect Tense: Most refers to actions completed in the past that have some effect on the present situation.
ex)Mr. Jones has ordered a couch for his new house, but it has not arrived yet.

Past Perfect Tense: indicates an action that preceded another action in the past.
ex)I had visited London many times before I decided to live there.

Future Perfect Tense: Indicates an event that will be completed by a specific point in the future.
ex)We will have finished the project by the end of the week.

Present Perfect Progressive Tense: Indicates an ongoing event begun in the past and continuing in the present.
ex)We have been taking dance lessons for three weeks now.

Past Perfect Progressive Tense: Indicates an ongoing event that was completed in the past before another past event.
ex)Mark had been applying for other jobs before he was laid off.

Future Perfect Progressive Tense: Indicates an ongoing event that will be completed by a certain point in the future.
ex)The party will have been going for three hours by the time we arrive.

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