Grammar Review

Grammar Review: Prepositions

Prepositions: Words that indicate the time and place of a particular noun
ex)The cat was hiding under the chair.
ex)Please place the vase on the table.
ex)We only owned that car for a month.

The bold word is the preposition and the italicized word is the object.

Prepositions at the end of the sentence: Try to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition.
ex)He had no idea what he was there for.
Revision: He had no idea why he was there.

Prepositional Phrase: Consists of a preposition, an object(noun or pronoun), and determiner(articles, adjectives, or pronouns)
Preposition + Determiner + Object
Ex) into(preposition) the(determiner) seats(noun)

Predicate Preposition: prepositional phrase following a a form of the verb to be and telling where the subject of the sentence is located.
ex)The dog is in the neighbor’s backyard.
ex)My keys were on the kitchen counter.

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