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English 11 Honors: Week in Review September 8-11


Thought Process for an Analytical Essay
We talked about the importance of beginning with an opinion about the theme of work before taking notes. I pointed out that if you lay out all of the bones of the plot, you may get confused with details that don’t support your theory of the theme.

Poe and “The Philosophy of Composition”
I briefly went over Poe’s idea of “the Single effect” and how that is helpful for your writing. Remember that every word, sentence, detail should clearly work to support your overall purpose. If you can’t see the purpose of a detail you included in your text, than it stands to reason that your reader will also miss the point. Stay on point and omit unnecessary details.

Outlining your Analytical Essay
I shared my idea of how to structure an analytical essay. Remember to engage your audience in your theme before dealing with the specifics of the text. In your introduction, look outside the text and then move inside. In your body, begin examining the text and then extend the discussion to your audience by relating it to examples outside the text. Remember you should incorporate quotes, but they should be short. (1-7 words) For your conclusion, don’t simply restate the body of your essay. Instead, reemphasize your view of the theme and then relate how the action of your theme inside the text of the work has real world significance for your audience.

Make sure your outline is submitted before Monday and have a good weekend!

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