English 11


Description: explain the physical characteristics of a person, place, or thing

Sensory Details: Utilize the five senses to engage your audience in the subject of description
ex) “The nozzles were variously set but usually so there was a long sweet stream of spray, the nozzle wet in the hand, the water trickling the right forearm and the peeled back cuff, and the water whishing out a long loose and low curved cone, and so gentle a sound.”

Objective Description: a literal or realistic description of a noun
ex)”The main or outer stage was a large platform, which projected out into the audience. Sections of the floor removed to make such things as the grave in the grave digger’s scene in Hamlet, or they could be transformed into trapdoors through which characters could disappear, as in The Tempest.”

Subjective Description: In addition to providing the physical qualities of a noun, the writer will also include how the object makes him feel
ex)Considering the meaning of your desk, a writer could project his feeling by describing it as a “warm brown rectangle of wood whose surface reveals the scratched impressions of a thousand school assignments.”

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