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The Structure of a basic essay

A.P. Language and Composition: 2017/18 Course Expectations

How to Read Literature

AP Lang: Unit I Notes

AP Language Summer Homework

I know the last thing you would like to do this summer is to read and prepare assignments. I am sympathetic of course, but I have prepared an assignment that will help you prepare yourself for the maturity of materials and thought that an AP course in Language requires. The order of the assignments is […]

Steps for the Synthesis Essay

1. Read all sources to understand the diverse perspectives surrounding a particular issue. 2. Examine your personal beliefs surrounding the issue. 3. Synthesize the research and your personal beliefs into a more informed view on the topic.

SAT Prefixes #2

Directions: Complete three column notes for the list of prefixes including the prefix, definition, and an example that uses the prefix correctly. Please include the definition of the word in your example. 1.Contra, contro: against down, away 3.di: two 4.dia: across 5.dis: not, apart 6.dys: faulty, bad 7.ex, e: out 8.extra, extro: beyond, outside […]

Making Paragraphs more coherent

A paragraph is coherent if its sentences logically and smoothly flow together. There are three ways a writer can improve the coherence of a paragraph: -First, you can repeat key words to link ideas from one sentence to another. -Second, you can use pronouns to refer to important nouns in previous sentences. -Finally, you can […]

Keep Sentences Short

One of the best ways to improve the clarity and readability of your writing is to keep sentences short and have them focus only on one idea. Follow these guidelines to improve your writing: -The average number of words per sentence in a piece of writing should be around 20. -To improve sentence fluency, make […]

AP: Assignment #2

Your second assignment will have you completing a rhetorical analysis of “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” We will move more slowly through this assignment as a class and hopefully, you can be more specific with your analysis of the text on this second assignment. Due Date: September 19, 2013 Excerpt for Sinners […]