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Rubric for Writing Assignments

Writing Rubric 95: The paper is on topic with an interesting introduction that ends with a thesis that states the main idea and indicates the organization of the essay. The body paragraphs integrate at least three quotes or specific details and follow up each with reflective statements that connect the evidence to the thesis. The […]

Common Entries for a Works Cited List

I typed up a few common entries to help you document your essays. Common Entries for a Works Cited List

The Works Cited List

-Begin the works cited list on a new page after the last page of your paper -Number the works cited page as the next page of the paper -Center the heading Works Cited one inch from the top of the page -Do not underline the heading or put it in quotation marks. -Double Space the […]

Guidelines for Formatting Quotations

Short Quotations -Quotations of no more than four typed lines are placed in the normal text of your paper. ex) According to Andrew Keen on Wikipedia, “the voice of a high school kid has equal value to that of an Ivy League scholar of a trained profession” (42). Long Quotations -Quotations of more than four […]

Documenting using In-Text Citations

Citing Sources within your Paper -A parenthetical reference should include enough information to guide a reader to the Works Cited page. -Whenever possible, introduce a quote with a phrase that includes the author’s name. ex) According to Andrew Keen, the absence of professional reporters and editors leads to erroneous information on Wikipedia (4). -When you […]