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SAT Roots #2

Directions: Copy down each root and its definition and then come up with an example and define it using a dictionary. 1. breve: short 2. cad;cas: to fall 3. capit: head 4. ced; cess: to yield, to go 5. celer: swift 6. cid; cis: to cut, to kill 7. clam; clamat: to cry out 8. […]

SAT Prefixes #5

Directions: Copy down the prefix, definition, and come up with an example and its definition for each prefix. 1. syn; with, together 2. tele; far 3. trans; across 4. ultra; beyond, excessive 5. uni; one 6. vice; in place of 7. with; away, against

SAT Prefixes #3

Directions: Please copy each prefix in three column format with prefix, definition, example and definition 1. inter: between, among 2. intra, intro: within 3. macro: large, long 4. mega: great, million 5. meta: involving change 6. micro: small 7. neo: new 8. pan: all, every 9. per: through, completely 10. peri: around, near

SAT Prefixes #2

Directions: Complete three column notes for the list of prefixes including the prefix, definition, and an example that uses the prefix correctly. Please include the definition of the word in your example. 1.Contra, contro: against down, away 3.di: two 4.dia: across 5.dis: not, apart 6.dys: faulty, bad 7.ex, e: out 8.extra, extro: beyond, outside […]

SAT Prefixes #1

Directions: Complete three column notes for each prefix with the prefix, meaning, and at least one example of a word and definition that uses the prefix correctly. Prefix Meaning ab, abs: from, away from ambi: both an, a: without ante: before anti: against, opposite arch: chief, first bi: two cata: down circum: around com: with, […]