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Gatsby Chapter Three

As the scene unfolds in West Egg for Chapter three, we are privy to the preparations of Gatsby’s infamous parties. Fitzgerald opens the chapter with an image of five crates of lemons and oranges that every Monday “…left his back door in a pyramid of pulp less halves.” (43) Gatsby hosted these extravagant gatherings every […]

Gatsby: Chapter Two

When you consider that the characters in The Great Gatsby are a system of interconnected relationships, you must also acknowledge that the settings are part of the system as well. If there is going to be such a place as East Egg with its extravagance of luxury then there must also be its opposite. Chapter […]

Gatsby: Chapter One

The purpose of chapter one is simply Hope. Although most of chapter one takes place in the stifling pessimism of the Buchanan Mansion in East Egg, the chapter really underscores the importance of hope in life. The Buchanans have everything to live for but ultimately they are unhappy with their lives. What more do they […]

The Great Gatsby Chapters 1 to 3 notes

Here are some notes on the characters in The Great Gatsby. Gatsbychapters1to3