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Tutoring Schedule

2016-17 Tutoring Schedule

Link to Act I of The Crucible

Act I of The Crucible

Link to Text of “Only Daughter”

Only Daughter

Patrick Henry: Speech in the Virginia Convention

Some of the finer points of Persuasion in Henry’s speech: 1. He acknowledges and empathizes with his opposition in the opening paragraph. “…different men often see the same subject in different lights…” 2. Henry proposes a false alternative based on emotion or appeal to values. “…I consider it as nothing less than a question of […]

Act III Study Questions

1. Which actions by Deputy Governor Danforth were motivated by pride? 2. What steps does Mary Warren take in Act III to resolve her internal conflict? 3. What steps does John Proctor take in Act III to resolve his internal conflict? 4. Is Reverend Hale conflicted about the actions of the court? Evidence? 5. Why […]

English 11 Honors: Week in Review September 8-11

Skills: Thought Process for an Analytical Essay We talked about the importance of beginning with an opinion about the theme of work before taking notes. I pointed out that if you lay out all of the bones of the plot, you may get confused with details that don’t support your theory of the theme. Poe […]

Summer Reading Assignment

When you return to school in the Fall, your first task will be to work through a Writing assignment based on the following Reading List. Choose something you might enjoy and have a safe and memorable summer. The titles in bold are the ones I personally enjoy the most. English 11/English 11 Honors Summer Reading […]

Grammar Review: Verbs Part I

Verbs: -Words that express action, states of being or condition. -Verbs have a subject and also an object. Intransitive Verbs: Verbs that do not require any objects to express their meaning. -ex)The sun shines. Transitive Verbs: Verbs that require an object to complete their meaning. ex)Julia bought a bicycle. Indirect Objects:An indirect object tells to […]

The Devil and Tom Walker: Satire Questions

1. How can the details of the description of Tom’s wife be considered satirical? page 314 2. How are the thoughts of The Black Woodsman on page 317 absurd commentary on the flaws of early American settlers of New England? 3. How does the symbolism of the trees on page 317 foreshadow Tom’s fate? (Not […]

I Know Why the Caged Bird Cannot Read

Caged Bird Cannot Read Questions