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A.P. Language and Composition: 2017/18 Course Expectations

English 11: 2017/18 Course Expectations

English 11 Honors: 2017/18 Course Expectations

How to Read Literature

AP Lang: Unit I Notes

English 11: Only Daughter

Please read this short story from Sandra Cisneros and prepare for discussion. Only Daughter

AP Language Summer Homework

I know the last thing you would like to do this summer is to read and prepare assignments. I am sympathetic of course, but I have prepared an assignment that will help you prepare yourself for the maturity of materials and thought that an AP course in Language requires. The order of the assignments is […]

Tutoring Schedule

2016-17 Tutoring Schedule

Link to Act I of The Crucible

Act I of The Crucible

Link to Text of “Only Daughter”

Only Daughter