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The Structure of a basic essay

Writing Templates for a variety of essays

If you are having difficulty getting started with a writing assignment, you can check out the templates posted on this website to get started. Writing Templates

Making Paragraphs more coherent

A paragraph is coherent if its sentences logically and smoothly flow together. There are three ways a writer can improve the coherence of a paragraph: -First, you can repeat key words to link ideas from one sentence to another. -Second, you can use pronouns to refer to important nouns in previous sentences. -Finally, you can […]

Practice Writing Prompt for the Final Exam

From President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s first Inaugural Address: “This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly. Nor need we shrink from honestly facing conditions in our country today. This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me […]

Rubric for Writing Assignments

Writing Rubric 95: The paper is on topic with an interesting introduction that ends with a thesis that states the main idea and indicates the organization of the essay. The body paragraphs integrate at least three quotes or specific details and follow up each with reflective statements that connect the evidence to the thesis. The […]

Peer Editing Checklist

Introduction -What strategy was used to write the introduction? -Does it introduce the topic and capture your interest? Body Paragraphs -Does each body paragraph only focus on one idea? -Does the writer use transitions and repetition to aid coherence? -Is each paragraph developed with specific details and description that directly supports the thesis? Conclusion -What […]

Writing a Conclusion

Since it is human nature to remember the last thing you hear or read, it is important to finish your essay emphasizing the purpose of your writing. Here are some strategies for constructing an effective conclusion. Four Strategies for Writing a Conclusion 1. You can conclude your essay by reviewing your key points or restating […]

Developing Effective Body Paragraphs

Five keys to effective development 1. Each body paragraph should be unified. Traditionally, beginning writers open with a topic sentence, but more sophisticated writers don’t necessarily need a defining sentence to open the paragraph. As long as the paragraph focuses on one idea, the reader will have no trouble following along. 2. Each body paragraph […]

Writing Introductions

Writing an Introduction Introduction: Usually one paragraph that introduces your subject, creates interest, and states your thesis. 8 Strategies for Writing Introductions: 1. Begin with background information about your topic. 2. Introduce your essay with your own definition. (Do not quote the dictionary!) 3. Begin your essay with an anecdote or story that leads readers […]

Writing a Thesis Statement

What a good thesis does… For Writers: It helps plan an essay. It helps organize ideas in an essay. It helps unify all the ideas in an essay. For Readers: It identifies the the main idea of the essay. It guides readers through the essay. It clarifies the subject and focus of the essay. Thesis […]