QUIAQuest Link Week Of October 04, 2015 – “Humans And The Environment” C-22!!!

SIXTH CONTENT KNOWLEDGE ASSESSMENT OF THE FIRST MARKING PERIOD!  This assessment is for all Biology students.  Prepare.  Use your INB to reflect on your study and learning.   Get it done well and feel good about the upcoming  year in Biology!!!

The reason for use of this web-hosted testing service and the QUIAQuests is to provide students immediate feedback on the individual progress in learning Biology.  After completing a QUIAQuest quiz, the quiz taker will be shown an assessment of performance on the quiz and the student will be able to determine if “mastery” was achieved.  Should a student get a mastery grade (80% or above), congratulations!!!  That is what we are aiming for in these assessments.  No further testing may be undertaken as mastery has been demonstrated.  Now, understand that it is better to score a 100% on the first try than a minimal mastery grade.   It should be the goal of every QUIAQuest test-taker to take the test being as prepared as possible in the subject matter of the week.  This is the way to a high “A.”

Now, should a student not achieve mastery on any QUIAQuest, the student may re-take the quiz.  If the student can, on however many attempts, demonstrate mastery,  a mastery grade (80%) will be awarded the student.  Now retaking is strongly urged of all students not doing well on any QUIAQuest.  Working to mastery (Mastery Learning) is important to success and will give any student a better platform from which to look to success when taking big-stakes tests like core subject exit exams, SAT exams, and ACT exams, etc.  So if not successful at first, take to mastery!  Note:  The only way to supersede the mastery level score of 80% is to achieve a high score 90-100 on the first take of the QUIAQuest test!

Be prepared and go for the highest score possible on the first take of any QUIAQuest!  Good learning to you!!!

IMPORTANT:  Username and Password are needed to access QUIA  and thus are needed to take your QUIAQuest.  So if needed, students should come to  Lab C-107 asap to access or to re-access the Username and Password.  Again, the QUIAQuest will expire each Sunday night at mid-night (2400 hours)!  So, don’t forget to get what you need for success!!!  Get the QUIAQuest done on time-remember there are 168 hours in a week and you have a week to do the QUIAQuest!  Get on it!!!

QUIAQuest Humans And The Environment C-22.

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