Energy-Matter —Management Of Personal Energy And Matter Project – Tutorials #3!!!

There are many ways to learn Biology in this “The Information Age.”    This project is one way to learn!  This project is focused on Energy and Matter as it relates to human life.  In order to accomplish the project at a high level, much knowledge about energy, matter, and human metabolism, will be required.  Learn from the following videos to have the knowledge and understanding base needed for the “Management Of Personal Energy And Matter” project.  Now that, is pretty important!  Get on it and learn about it!

Click the following links to learn more about Energy-Matter in this project:

Exercise Activity Calorie/Joule Estimators and Unit Converters: 


CDC BMI Calculator-Adult


CDC Child/Teen BMI Calculator


ProHealth-Exercise Activity Calorie Burn Estimator


MyFitnessPal Exercise Activity Calculator


Health Status Exercise And Calorie Estimator


Ace Fitness Caloric Need Estimator


Calorie Count Estimator


Calorie-Joule converter


Unit Juggler Calorie/Joule Converter


Engineering Energy Converter-Calories To Joules, etc.


Pounds – Kg Converter


Calorie Need Calculator


WebMD BMI Calculator

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