The Art (And Science) Of Argumentation In Science!!!

Art Of Argumentation In Science

Art Of Argumentation In Science

Art of Argumentation In Science


Perceptions Are Not Reality: Things The World Gets Wrong…


Of the fourteen countries included in the Perils of Perception survey in 2014, the United States finished second to last.  The survey seems to uncover many misconceptions that people have that are at variance to the facts concerning mostly common truths.  It raises the question why would the United States do so poorly?

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Argumentation Is Key To Modern Science-Understand Scientific Argumentation And Use It To Make The Claim!!!

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Self-Regulated Learning – The Ultimate Goal That Great Schools Have For Students……

The term self-regulated (process of taking control of and evaluating one’s own learning and behavior) can be used to describe learning that is guided by metacognition (thinking about one’s thinking), strategic action (planning, monitoring, and evaluating personal progress against a standard), and motivation to learn (Butler & Winne, 1995; Winne & Perry, 2000; Perry, Phillips, & Hutchinson, 2006; Zimmerman, 1990; Boekaerts & Corno, 2005).

“Self-regulated learning (SRL) as the three words imply, emphasizes autonomy and control by the individual who monitors, directs, and regulates actions toward goals of information acquisition, expanding expertise, and self-improvement” (Paris and Paris 2001). In particular, self-regulated learners are cognizant of their academic strengths and weaknesses, and they have a repertoire of strategies they appropriately apply to tackle the day-to-day challenges of academic tasks. These learners hold incremental beliefs about intelligence (as opposed to entity, or fixed views of intelligence) and attribute their successes or failures to factors (e.g., effort expended on a task, effective use of strategies) within their control (Dweck & Leggett, 1988; Dweck, 2002).

Finally, students who are self-regulated learners believe that opportunities to take on challenging tasks, practice their learning, develop a deep understanding of subject matter, and exert effort will give rise to academic success (Perry et al., 2006). In part, these characteristics may help to explain why self-regulated learners usually exhibit a high sense of self-efficacy (Pintrich & Schunk, 2002). In the educational psychology literature, researchers have linked these characteristics to success in and beyond school (Corno, et al., 2002; Pintrich, 2000; Winne & Perry, 2000).

Self regulated learners are successful because they control their learning environment. They exert this control by directing and regulating their own actions toward their learning goals. Self regulated learning should be used in three different phases of learning. The first phase is during the initial learning, the second phase is when troubleshooting a problem encountered during learning and the third phase is when they are trying to teach others (Palincsar & Brown, 1984).

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Are You Preparing (Studying, Learning, Planning, Training) For The Best Career (Compensations)?

Highest Paying Careers In USA

Click the link below to find out the compensation/pay for professional positions in the year 2014.  What do you think the best paying careers are? Click the link below!

US Bureau Of Labor Statistics On The Best Paying Careers

Are You Studying, Learning, And Planning For The Best Career? 

Highest Paying Jobs In America 2014-2015


Biology Week #1 – Introduction To Biology!!!

This week is an introduction to Biology and Science and a focus on defining “Biology.”  During the week, students are challenge in differing ways to learn about Biology, characteristics of all life, themes of all life on Earth, and the methods used in Science to study Biology.  Safety is stressed as always param0unt in importance.


NGSS Core Science Subjectry To Be Experienced In Learning 21st Century Science!!!

NGSS Subjectry To Be Experienced In Learning 21st Century Science

NGSS Science Subjectry!!!


NGSS Crosscutting Concepts To Be Experienced In Learning 21st Century Science!!!

NGSS Crosscutting Concepts To Be Experienced In Learning 21st Century Science

NGSS Crosscutting Concepts


NGSS Science And Engineering Practices To Be Experienced In Learning 21st Century Science

NGSS Science And Engineering Practices To Be Experienced In Learning 21st Century Science

NGSS Science And Engineering Practices


Welcome To All Design/Professional Freshman Biology Students 2017-2018!!!

Welcome To All Design/Professional Freshman Biology Students!!!  Good luck in your learning and career here at SWCTA!  You will begin preparing for the ACT Exam on Day #1!  

Remember:  Biology Rules!!!!  Chemistry Connects!!!!  Good Luck!!!  Be Smart!!!  Work Hard!!!

One Thing That Will Never Change Is The Likelihood Of Constant Change!!!  Embrace It!!!  Change!!!

Change Is The Only Thing That Will Never Change!!!

Mutability Is Change-Constancy Is Resistance To Change.