STEM – Science Teaching Educational Media

2015-2016 STEM – Science Teaching Educational Media is an initiative of Goode-Biology to help students, past, present, and future, to demonstrate the mastery needed to increase chances of doing well on high stakes tests like proficiency tests, ACT, and SAT exams.  The goal of the STEM  is to help students increase their chances of achieving the scores needed for students to pursue the important Science careers and professions of their dreams.   To achieve this students must move beyond that basic level of achievement to demonstrate high levels of Science scholarship. Click on the links below to learn about this weeks focus in Science.  Learn using sound learning practices as in the SQ3R method ( http://www.studygs.net/texred2.htm). Record notes and your reflections on learning in a notebook.  Check with this teacher regularly and show your records of learning.  At times a test will be linked below.  Print out the results of your testing and show to this teacher. Good luck in this project. Students past, present, and future, are urged to go to the DGoode teacher calendar and find the STEM colored bar.  The  bar will show the Science (Biology, Chemisty, Physics, GeoScience, and some Mathematics) focus for that week.  Science learning opportunities will cover all 52 weeks of the year.  This should be a great opportunity to learn and to expand understanding of the wide breadth of Science information.  Students are urged to watch the videos and to do the activities and to keep records of you learning.  This is the way to achieving personal goals for future success. Good luck in your future!!!  You can do it!!! Week to week, Science topic to topic, this image below is what to look for to get the learning to meet your mind!!!

STEM Logo Shot

STEM Logo For Calendar