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Check Out The NEW “Tutorials” Page For Quick Access To Help On Biology Content Learning!!!  To  Students Who Are In Need Of The Grade, This Will Provide A Leg-Up On QUIAQuest Tests!!!  Good Studying, Learning, And Luck!!!

The “TUTORIALS” page of this Biology Website is located in the “pull-down” menu bar at the top of the Teacher web page just right of  “PODCASTS.”  This offering of tutorial help may be an invaluable tool for many students to learn and study Biology, especially in preparation for QUIAQuest tests.  These tutorials are saved in the form of a PDF document which students may view, download, and print at their choice.  These PDF tutorials are the same SMARTBoard NoteBook files that are used and presented in Biology class to prompt students to learn and to use to discuss and explain Biology learning.  These NoteBook files often contain notes generated in class as well as much Biology text content.  This could  be a nice asset for students who find the on-line Biology textbook difficult or burdensome in study of Biology.  IMPORTANT:  These tutorial files are not meant to render any student’s InterActive Notebook (INB) as unnecessary, but, quite to the contrary, if used with the INB, the tutorials do have the promise to promote better and deeper Biology learning.  So, check out the tutorials prior to any assigned QUIAQuest.  Print the appropriate tutorial, use it to refine notes in your INB and strive for better performance on your QUIAQuest assessments.  This would also help achievement on Quarter Exams and Semester Exams!!!  Check them out!  Good luck in your Biology learning!!!  Reach high!!!


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