Geoscience Honors Calendar Update

All Geoscience Honors classes: your class calendar has transitioned over to a new calendar starting today.  You will be unable to see any lesson plans prior to October 20.  Please see me for help if you need to access something prior to October 20, 2016.


Quarter 1 Ending October 27, 2016

Reminder to all students: The 1st Quarter ends October 27, 2016.  Please submit all missing work to me NLT October 25, 2016.  Please see me in person to discuss your grades.


Welcome to Science (2016-2017)

Welcome to all my new students and their parents/guardians! We have an exciting school year ahead with lots of interesting topics and exciting activities.  We will use Google Classroom this year so I highly recommend that all students have internet access.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at: mahorner@interact.ccsd.net.