Welcome to Mr. Juliano’s Class

Welcome to my class! This is where I post my lessons plans. Please use the tabs at the top of the page to find the calendar for your class. There is also a section for course expectations.

My course materials are posted to my Schoology group and I collect work through Google Classroom, so make sure you use the codes to join.

The best way to communicate with me is through my Gmail account. Please use this email address: juliajp@nv.ccsd.net



Website Codes for 2017-2018

Please find the codes for your class period and join Schoology and Google classroom.

Class Schoology Google Classroom
Period One- US Gov Honors K5N5T-8SKR4 wd0p23
Period Two- AP Government BQ8SX-JKD82 b9kerk
Period Three- US Gov Honors 4MGTS-FX2NR 16wqxm
Period Four- US Gov Honors 8KM2M-4JV29 912sn4r
Period Five- US Gov Honors JRBX2-RJ2RN vblhia
Period Seven- US Gov Honors Q42FW-7FCWT w3cl91
Period Eight- AP World RC9SW-WJWNB x9briln