Google Classroom Codes

Here are the access codes for each of my Google Classrooms:

Period 1: 57ktefy

Period 2: 4634s7i

Period 4: ryy572k

Period 5: fizm58

Period 6: ixgwutl

Period 7: pdcmbnt


Welcome Back!

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! I am Mrs. Landau and I will be your Algebra 1 teacher this school year. On this page you can find our calendar of lesson topics and homework assignments (click on the Algebra 1 tab at the top of the screen), information about accessing our class’s Google Classroom, and other interesting articles that I come across.

I look forward to working with you all this year!


EOC Practice

EOC Sample Questions

The above link is for some practice EOC questions, as released by the school district. There is no answer key associated with this, but if you would like to practice with these questions you can then bring them in after school and we can review them together.


EOC Training Videos

The district has released a series of training tutorials to help prepare students, teachers, and parents for the End of Course exams to be administered in the spring of 2016. The link below will take you to the home page where you will find tutorials covering everything from logging in to the exam up to and including the types of online tools that you will be using. Please use this as a resource as we head towards EOC testing.


EOC Tutorials


Contact Information

E-Mail – KLandau@interact.ccsd.net

Phone – (702) 799-5766 Ext. 3530


How to Succeed in Math


Interesting article with tips for how to be successful in math. The skills are transferrable to other subject areas.


Tips from former students

This is an interesting article with some study tips provided by former students. It gives a basic outline of how to be successful in math.