“The Odyssey” – Correct Version

Hey Students!

Thanks to a few of you (Xena, Alice, and Solina) the fact that I am human and make mistakes has once again been revealed.  I posted the incorrect version of The Odyssey on my website for you all to read.  Below is the proper (Greek names) version.  DO NOT fret!  If you have read the Roman version, the story is essentially the same, minus the name changes.

http://cwx.prenhall.com/bookbind/pubbooks/wilkie/medialib/PDF/05_273-611_Homer%202_Aesop.pdf   – This is a link

The Odyssey Greek Translation   – This is the pdf copy from the above link

Again, my sincere apologies!



Summer Reading for Juniors (class of 2016)

Juniors, attached is your summer reading/summer homework from your English teacher next year, Mrs. Bailin.  Please advise.

Summer Reading 2014 2


Sophomore Summer Homework

Howdy Everyone!  For those of you who had Ms. Stroup AND Mr. LaPorte, please make sure, whether you are taking English II-Honors or English II, that you read The Odyssey before school begins next year.  Attached is a pdf copy.  However, if you feel inspired to do so and/or you enjoy actually holding a print copy of books as opposed to reading an electronic version, feel free to check out a copy from your local library.  For the mythology enthusiast, you might consider purchasing a copy of Homer’s epic.

When you all return, you will have an activity (exam) that covers the content in The Odyssey.  Below is a link to a pdf copy.


Below is a link to a reading guide for The Odyssey




Semester Exam Review Materials

A Modest Proposal Reading guide

A Modest Proposal Guiding Questions

AF Study Guide russian revolution





Compare/Contrast Notes

Comparison & Contrast


Final Exam Schedule

Well, it is time my friends!  Finals are but a few weeks away.  It has been a pleasure serving as your English teacher this year!  The graduating class of 2016 is one of my favorite groups of people I have ever worked with!  Thank you all for a great year!  Below is the exam schedule.

Thursday, May 29 – Regular day.  Seniors ONLY will take final for periods 5 and 7

Friday, May 30 – Full day of school with a modified schedule.  ONE LUNCH!!  Exams for periods 2 and 4

Monday, June 2 – 1/2 day, students take exams for periods 1 and 3

Tuesday, June 3 – 1/2 day, students take exams for periods 6 and 8

Wednesday, June 4 – 1/2 day, students take exams for periods 5 and 7.  ***Seniors ONLY, Graduation practice in the gym***


R&J/West Side Story Compare/Contrast

Culminating_RandJ_WSS Comparison


Final Exam Schedule

Friday, May 30 – Periods 2 and 4 Exams.   **This is a FULL DAY of school**

Monday, June 2nd – Periods 1 and 3 Exams

Tuesday, June 3rd – Periods 6 and 8 Exams

Wednesday, June 4th – Periods 5 and 7 Exams

**June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are half-days of school**


Background and Comparison Notes for West Side Story

Below are two links to ppt. presentations covering West Side Story.  Please read over this information before next class.


Background to West Side Story

West Side Story Compare


West Side Story text link