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Articles of Confederation Reading & Questions

Articles of Confederation – RDG

ONLY ANSWER the 10 questions on the first page NOT the questions found throughout the document. YOUR ANSWERS SHOULD BE YOUR OWN! Please, please please, answer the all the questions yourself. ¬†If you ask a classmate for help, don’t copy their answers, ask them to explain their answer. ¬†By having them explain their answer you are helping yourself AND them. ¬†Come to class with questions you may have!

If you elect to turn this in electronically, you may share it with nelsoe@nv.ccsd.net but you must name it in the correct format.  Also, you must give me editing privileges!  I must be able to view your edit history!

p?_Last Name, First Initial._Name of Assignment (may be abbreviated)

Example: p3_Smith, J._AoC

Remember: No late or absent assignments may be submitted electronically.


Declaration of Independence

Although the due date is incorrect (DUE Tuesday, Aug. 29 & Wednesday, Aug 30), please follow all the instructions given to you on the document linked below.



HUSH/USH Homework

Task #1

U.S. History Textbook link

Read through Chapter 1, Section 4 & Chapter 2, Section 1

You can skip to the subsection in 1.4 called The Enlightenment on page 34 and read from there through ALL of 2.1 section.

Take notes on why tension between the British and Colonists increased.  Identify specific events, ideas, literature, act, etc that caused concerns on either side.  NOTES MAY NOT BE IN YOUR QOTD NOTEBOOK.

Task #2

Complete the Google Form about your group’s work on the project. ¬†Remember that you need to give yourself a grade value out of 100 points. ¬†You also need to do that same for each member of your group. ¬†Follow the directions given on the form.

Peer Review Link


Create a Colony Introduction

For Honors and Regular US History classes!

Americans Textbook link

Read/skim through Chapter 1 (Exploration and the Colonial Era), Sections 2-3.  You will not need to turn this in, but identify the problems/concerns colonies had along with identifying what made them successful.  The more problems/concerns and successful attributes you gather the more you will know how to construct your own to be the most successful in class.  Your classmates and Miss Nelson will critique your colony and compare to others to determine which colony would be the most successful.  That winning colony group will receive extra credit in all 3 tenets in the gradebook.

Create A Colony

Read this rundown of the project.  The rubric will change because it is using the old tenets.  The new one will be given to you in class.  The overall project will be discussed in class on Thursday/Friday, along with group selection and region assignments.  Come to class with any questions/comments/concerns you may have after looking over the assignment.  No component needs to be even started tonight for this portion, just skim/read the above sections at the top of this posting.

Added Thursday, August 17:¬†(to help with information on the colonies – B-Day students, you don’t need to do anything with this just yet – until tomorrow/the weekend)

Information on Colonies

SWCTA Library¬†– to access databases (ABC-Clio – username & password = clarkstudent, EBSCO, etc…)

Purdue OWL Citation help link РChicago Citation

Create Colony Rubric 2017


MVP Peer Reflection

To be completed on the day of your final exam in Miss Nelson’s class. ¬†You may NOT complete it BEFORE your exam class period with Miss Nelson. ¬†She will provide specific instructions.

Peer Reflection Link


Unit 8 Exam Links

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80’s & 90s Newscast Assignment

HUSH Р80’s and 90’s Newscast


Unit 7 Exam Links

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2nd Period

Teacher Survey