Proficiency Exam Series, Dynamics in Earth Science, “Earth, Wind, and FIRE!”

The following podcast was put together by the S.W.C.T.A. science department with the intention of supplementing the common student experience in Biology and Chemistry with some useful information that may appear on the proficiency exam.  We will speak about and provide definitions and examples for several concepts including:  Celsius scale, calorie, phase transitions, water cycle, solid, liquid, gas, biome, temperate forest, desert, latitude, and equator.  REMEMBER!  You all have the intellect and knowledge needed to ACE the proficiency, when you see a question that does not seem familiar:  calm down, re-read it, and clear your mind…  remember Okham’s Razor= the simplest answer is usually the best;  also remember that most things in science “make sense”  so use your intuition and trust yourself!  Good luck Coyotes, keep ready for more proficiency tutoring podcasts!


Jon O’Brien


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