Summer reading for Honors/ Non Honors 2015-2016

To get a head start in my class, I suggest that you buy or check out an SAT book. Having a book will prepare you for the first quarter of the class and also for future SAT tests that you are about to take. There are numerous scholarships that are SAT based, so to get some of those scholarships and spare your parents or yourself some unnecessary school bills, ensure that you have one. Make sure that you practice during the summer. The first part of the year will be heavily based on the SAT.


AP Summer Homework 2016-2017

To ensure familiarity and success with the topics in our class read these slides. Also, read Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.
Figurative Language Part 1 Lisa Blais

Crystal Tippawang – Tone Power Point


Maggie Chang Poetry Project

Symbol, Allegory, and Fantasy – Richard Liu


AP English Chapter 3


P3_Sirat_Musical Devices

Chapter 4_ Imagery-Valerie Cana

Chapter 13_Sound and Meaning

Meaning and Idea