A History of Broadcast Journalism: Unit Overview

In this unit we will be looking into the history of television and the television industry. Before we begin the unit, I want you to watch this brief video:

The clip shown here is from 1941.  At that time television was still in its infancy, and very few people had television sets in their homes. Near the end the narrator mentions that television is available in certain parts of the country.

Some Things to Think About:
1. What part of the country do you think he is talking about?  Why do you think that?
2. What part of this documentary is similar to modern documentaries?  What about it is different?
3. Even though this video is over 70 years old, is it still appealing to today’s viewers?  Why or why not?

Please write down your answers to these questions in your notes for this unit, as we’ll be discussing them in class.

Unit Goal
The purpose of this unit is to introduce you to the people responsible for the invention of television and the television industry. You will also learn about the beginning of broadcast news, and explore some of the effects that television and the media have made on our society. Finally,  you will gain some experience with internet research.

• The unit is split into two sections.  In the first section you’ll learn about some of the people who invented television and in the second section you’ll learn about some of the first shows on television and the development of commercials as we know them today

• Each of these sections will have links for you to begin your research, and at the end of each section there will be a short test online for you to complete.

• After you have completed both sections and have taken the tests, you will be putting together a final product .

NOTE: You should be taking notes on ALL of the topics as you research them.  This includes the basic notes I’ve provided.  As we’ve discussed, you may take notes in Google Docs, in Word, or in a traditional notebook. You can use these notes to study for the tests, as well as for your project.

For the final product YOU will decide what you will create to highlight and/or explain one person, concept, or event from the unit.  You can choose to write a paper, create a presentation using Prezi, Power Point, or Keynote, or come up with some other project (pending my approval) for the final product.  You may work with one other student from this class period on the project, or you may work on your own. Deadlines will be discussed in class.

For this unit you’ll receive a grade for each of the unit tests, as well as a grade for the final product. You will also do a self-evaluation survey that will count toward your grade as well.  As always, you will be receiving a weekly participation grade based on your work ethic during class.

To begin the unit, please go to Part One: Inventors and Innovators. Remember, there will be a test at the end of each section and you should be taking notes throughout the unit.

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Video clip from WesternWORLDhistory, YouTube.com. Used under the fair use provision of the U.S. Copyright Act.