A History of Video Production and Broadcast Journalism: Inventors and Innovators

Inventors and Innovators

Unlike some inventions, television and the broadcast medium were developed by a number of people in various locations at the beginning of the twentieth century. Actual development of a working system came at the end of the 1930’s, and was demonstrated at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City.

Much of the development of television was placed on hold during World War II, but some innovations were made, and after the war television really took off. Many regularly scheduled shows began in the late 1940’s, but there were not a lot of people watching those shows, as the cost of a television was pretty expensive. At the time, a television set with a 10-inch screen cost $499.00. That’s almost $5000.00 in today’s money for a set with a screen about the size of an iPad!

For the purposes of this unit, we’ll be focusing on the three men listed here. It was from their efforts that the medium of television became what it is today. You should use the links below to begin your research.  The information contained in these links will be found on the final exam for this unit. Remember, you should be taking notes on this material, as you will be using these notes for your final project.

• Vladimir Zworkin

• Philo Farnsworth

• General David Sarnoff

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