Video Archives

These are some of the videos created by current and former students in the program here at Southwest CTA. Also included are videos made at the request of our school and district’s administrations. To see a particular video, just click on the title. You can also use the search function to find a video by topic or student name.

Prom Commercial
Yearbook Commercial: Just Do It!
School Olympics Commercial
Yearbook Payment Reminder
Nate in The Wild
Man on The Street: Winter Break
News Story: DECA Picnic
News Story: District Break up
News Story: Dude Be Nice
News Story: John’s Incredible Pizza
News Story: School Evacuated
News Story: Senior Sunrise
News Story: Summerlin Parade
News Story: We The People
Promo Video: Hour of Code
PSA: Distracted Driving
PSA: Tardy — Parkour Styling
Show Open: Cinematic Style
Show Open: POV
Show Open: Good Morning

*The CCSD Video Production Awards  were cancelled for this year. These videos were chosen for their high quality and style.  Individual pages have comments from the instructor on the merits of each video.


Frightdome Edition of The Outlook  (Best in Show CCSD Video Production Awards)
Hannah and Jay’s Show Open  (1st Place CCSD Video Production Awards)
Rout(e) 131 Daily Newscast winner  (1st Place CCSD Video Production Awards)
New CCSD Magnet Programs  (2nd Place CCSD Video Production Awards)
Dodgeball News Story  (2nd Place CCSD Video Production Awards)
Kiss The Pig
!  (3rd place STN Spring Nationals)
YouTube Channel Promo  (3rd Place CCSD Video Production Awards)
Taco Infomercial  (3rd Place CCSD Video Production Awards)
Texting and Driving PSA  (Winner Cox Communications Contest)
Wet and Wild

Soccer Match
Inspire Gala
Inside Education Feature Story
Vegas PBS News Story
Wedding Dresses News Story
Jersey Retired News Story
Memorial News Story
Safe Driving PSA
Chef Muñoz Profile
Selfie Stick News Story

Culinary PBL news story (1st place CCSD Broadcast Journalism Awards)
FCCLA Culinary Contest news story
Senior Awards Night news story
Computer Graphics Feature Story (2nd Place CCSD Broadcast Journalism Awards)
Rout(e) 131 March 19, 2014 (1st Place CCSD Broadcast Journalism Awards)
Edgar’s Show Open
Archery Commercial
Prom Commercial
Skateboard Explosion PSA
Basketball Turkey Shootout
High Five Commercial
Girl’s in Tech PSA (2nd place CCSD Broadcast Jourmnalism Awards)

School Recruitment Video
Prom Commercial
Show Open (2nd Place, CCSD Broadcast Awards)
CERT Training News Story
Cheerleading Feature (1st Place, CCSD Broadcast Awards)
Freshman Assembly News Story
Janay’s Show Open
Jahnrys’ Station Bumper
Qdoba Commercial
Sports Feature Story
The Bus
Texting PSA
Web Capstone News Story

CCSD District Promotional Video
CCSD Magnet Recruitment Video
Jay’s Story
Hot Chelle Rae News Story
Prom Commercial (3rd place, CCSD Broadcast Awards)
Nicholas’ Show Open
Troy’s Show Open
DECA Picnic News Story (3rd place , CCSD Broadcast Awards)
QR Codes
Edgar’s Show Open

Chocolate Pops
Battle of the Sexes Commercial
Allstar Weekend
Drunk Driving PSA
You are Beautiful
Web Competition (1st place, CCSD Broadcast Festival)
PDA Feature Story (3rd place , CCSD Broadcast Festival)

School Dedication Video
PBL Documentary
School Promotion Video
Show Promo
Dogs Gone Wild
Rue (A short film)
Rue Trailer