Video Production 1 Lessons

Videography Lesson One

Now the fun begins!  Please watch this video and BE SURE to take notes.

Videography Lesson Two

More notes and concepts that will be on your semester exam

News Story Unit

Creating a News Story:  Lesson Overview
An introduction to our next unit, the process and procedures you will follow, and and my expectations for your final project, along with grading stop points.

Pre-Production Phase
Getting ready to do the job

Production Phase
Doing the job and doing it right

Post Production Phase
Putting it all together and making it shine.

Putting it into Practice
This is the second news story assignment

Commercials and Public Service Announcements
In this unit you’ll use your skills to create commercials and PSA’a for Rout(e) 131.

Feature Story
Creating good feature stories for The Outlook is one of the goals for this unit.