FInal Cut Pro X: Lesson Four Working with Transitions

In this lesson you’ll learn how to work with transitions, as well as how to change the timing and direction of the clip.

For this project you will be turning in a show open that has the following characteristics:

  1. 30 seconds in length
  2. Royalty-free music with proper attribution
  3. Ends with Rout(e) 131 on-screen (note that the e is lower case…do NOT use all caps)
  4. Your work should show good use of transitions as well as cutting to the beat.
  5. You may use timing changes (speeding up or slowing down) but it is NOT required.
  6. Start a NEW EVENT and call it (name)_Show Open
  7. Make a NEW PROJECT for each version you make and number them sequentially
  8. You will be turning in two show opens and their matching screenshots.  These will be called (LastName)_Show_Open_1 (and 2).